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Sonners Contracting provides licensed roofing replacement, installation, and repairs in Denver and surrounding areas.

If you live in in Colorado, you know spring time usually means hail! Your roof is the first line of defense! Your roof is the most important part of your home and protects everything inside from water damage. Minor damage can quickly turn into major issues, so repairing any damage quickly is essential.  Sonners Contracting Inc. offers complete and professional roofing services from minor repairs to total roof replacement.  We work with your insurance company to make sure you’re covered before starting any work, and will help complete the paperwork for your claim.

Why Choose Sonners?


  • Locally owned and operated with nearly two decades of experience and thousands of jobs completed. This gives you peace of mind that you can reach us for any reason after the storms pass and the out of state contractors all go home.


  • Perfect track record with our permitting municipalities and aside from projects still under process, we have no outstanding permits that have been failed or still require final inspection from ANY of the 23 municipalities we are licensed in.


  • Never had to file a claim against our $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy in seven years of service.
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Roofing Services

Our residential roofing services are always performed up to and exceeding minimum local building code requirements. Sonners Contracting Inc. offers a 24-month labor warranty and will assist in any warranty issues covered by manufacturer product warranties.

Roof Replacement

If your roof has become brittle, is leaking, worn or has been subject to damaging winds and hail, it is time for a replacement. Most roofs are replaced in 1-2 business days when the project begins. Most projects begin within a week of material delivery if not day of, and Sonners Contracting Inc. has the ability to deliver materials with our own trucks if the material suppliers get backed up on deliveries. We have gone out of our way to give you the customer as quick of a project turnaround time as possible. When the project is complete, we clean the entire property and sweep and magnetize the property for any nails or debris that has fallen during the re-roofing process, and if for some reason we miss a nail that finds your tire, we will cover the cost of the necessary repairs.

Roof Installation

Colorado is known for getting large amounts of damaging hail and high winds every summer. Don’t be fooled by out of state contractors who show up to work a storm and then disappear after a few months. With Sonners Contracting Inc. you can be rest assured that we will be here after the storm has passed to help you wrap up your claims and honor our warranties. If for any reason there are any issues with your roof, we will be boots on the ground immediately to fix it.

Hail Damage

So how do you know if you have hail damage from the ground? There are a few key signs. First, look at the cars parked in the streets. Do they have dimples in the roofs and hoods or, are windows broken? Is your mailbox damaged or do you see welts in the bottoms of your gutters? Those are pretty good signs that it may be a good idea to give us a call for an inspection. The leadership here at Sonners Contracting Inc. is comprised of former insurance field adjusters. We conduct our inspections in the same fashion that an insurance adjuster will. We begin by walking the property, photo documenting and measuring any visible damage to your property passing side by side carefully so as not to miss anything that needs to be documented. We will finish up by physically climbing onto the roof and inspecting photo documenting, and measuring the roof. This ensures that our report includes everything that should be included in your claim.

If you choose to use Sonners Contracting Inc. as your contractor we can then submit that report directly to the field adjuster and we can avoid having to file claim supplements, which can draw out the whole claims process.

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs are often smaller in nature. Typically, a roof repair involves removing or replacing less than 100 square feet of a roof section. Some municipalities actually regulate the size of roof repairs by requiring permits to be pulled if the repair is larger than a certain area. It All depends on the municipality and the nature of repair. Likewise, the number of layers of existing roofing can affect the reparability of a roof. Roofing repairs include shingle patching, shingle replacement, shingle tie in, and shingle lacing.

Roofing Certification

Are you buying or selling a home and need an inspection performed, or certification issued for your roof?  As always, we offer free roof inspections and are happy to do so.  For certification, we prepare a professional report for your buyer or mortgage company.  If necessary will recommend, and even perform minor repairs to validate our roof certification.  We offer 2 year, 5 year and 10 year roof certifications.

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