Castle Rock Gutter Installation and Cleaning

Sonners Contracting Inc. installs seamless gutters in Denver and all up and down the Front Range.

Most cities and counties along the front range require gutter systems on structures as part of the roofing system given the issues we have here in Colorado with expansive soil.  More often times than not, when we find significant hail damage to a roof, we find that the gutter systems are also damaged.  Sonners Contracting owns and operates a 5″ seamless gutter forming machine which, allows us to get to your gutter project almost immediately after the roof is completed.  This prevents future potential moisture damage to the foundation of your home, while waiting on a third party company to fit us into their schedule.

Gutter Services

Gutter Installation

A gutter system is not only required in Colorado, it is the critical drainage part of your roofing system. Proper roof drainage prevents water from saturating the backfill around the foundation of your home. Colorado is known for having expansive soil, and water damages to your homes foundation can be very costly. Your gutters are also an accent to your home, and improving curb appeal to your homes elevation. You will be able to choose from a vast number of baked on enamel colors, or if nothing suits your fancy, your gutters can always be painted to match the trim color of your homes paint scheme.

Seamless Gutters

Sonners Contracting Inc. installs seamless gutters manufactured on site out of 26-gauge galvalume metal alloy, which prevents rust deterioration. We miter all our corners to fit perfectly together, and mechanically fasten and seal all the corner joints. This process reduces the number of penetrations in the troughs and at the corners which can lead to leaking over time.

We own our gutter machine which eliminates the wait time between roof completion and gutter install other companies often experience when hiring a third party to install their gutter systems for clients.

Owning a gutter machine also allows us to craft the troughs onsite to custom fit your roof lines. We miter all the corners and mechanically fasten and seal the corners. This eliminates the need for joint and corner boxes, which reduces the number of screw penetrations in the gutter troughs, and reduces the opportunity for leaks over time. All of our hangers are internally mounted hangers, which eliminates the aesthetic penetrations. All the gutter hangers are screwed to the fascia with rubber grommeted screws instead of nailed which provides for a water tight seal and added structural strength to withstand the loads the gutters take when we get large quantities of snow and ice here in Colorado.

Gutter Guard Systems

If you have large shedding trees near your home, and are tired of the chore of cleaning out your gutters every spring and fall, we offer a number of gutter clutter prevention options. Keeping your gutters clean and free of debris is very important, especially during the fall and winter months. If your gutters are full of debris, they will hold water, which adds unnecessary weight to the fascia and the gutter system itself. Furthermore, come winter, this trapped water will turn to ice and will cause ice damming issues. If you don’t have ice and water barrier installed at the eve roof lines of your roof, there is potential for serious water damage to your roof, fascia and soffits. Please speak to your salesman about all the available options.

Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance

Sonners Contracting Inc. offers gutter cleaning services, even if we didn’t install the gutter system. We check for loose joints and screws which may be causing leaks. We check to make sure there is a gutter hanger installed at least a minimum of every 24” on center in the troughs. We check for proper slope and drainage, and for rust in the bottom of old steel troughs. If your gutter system was installed by Sonners Contracting Inc., we offer one free complimentary cleaning and checkup within one year for the gutter system install.

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